It just keeps getting bigger! (That’s what she said)

Hey, that joke works on two levels!

In all seriousness, Tree House Brewing Company’s recent reveal of plans for an even bigger and better experience at its Charlton facility just speaks not only to what a massive success they’ve been, but also that they’ve always got an ear open and hear what the people want and react accordingly.

In case you missed it, Tree House announced on its blog it would (pending approvals) embark on a 16,000 square foot expansion of its retail and brewing operations. It will include more outdoor seating areas, a second bigger bar that will serve guests inside and out, and a 2,000 square foot addition to its mezzanine area that they say will increase customers’ exposure to the actual brewing space. The retail area will also be twice the size of the existing space.


It also separates can sales from those who are coming to the brewery for pours, alleviating some of the presently existing logjams.

Further connecting the brewery and its guests with its natural surroundings, Tree House will also open a series of trails measuring approximately three miles. The trails connect to the Capen Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

Oh yeah, they’re also going to have their own orchard, beehives, and hop fields.

Throw on top of all of that the goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy, and you’ve got a massive undertaking that displays an amazing amount of vision by Dean, Nate, Damien and the rest of the crew.

For more details on the expansion, check out the Tree House blog.

One of the coolest things about the craft beer industry is how open people are to exchanging ideas. In fact, the practice is basically encouraged.

Well, two of the best in the business have set our hearts atwitter with anticipation.

Greater Good Imperial Brewing and Vanished Valley Brewing Co. recently posted a social media teaser, suggesting a new beer is on the way that combines their immense power. Think Wonder Twins, but on steroids.

What will it be? Delicious. Beyond that, who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

On the heels of the Valley Advocate’s Reader’s Poll, two other publications gave some pretty big props to some Western Mass. breweries.

The Boston Globe recently noted that Tree House Brewing has the highest rating on of any brewery in Massachusetts, followed by Building 8 Brewing at No. 4, and Brick & Feather at No. 5.

Now, online ratings are not the end-all, be-all when it comes to a brewery’s status, but it is still high praise, especially when you consider other names on the list include Trillium and Mystic.

What’s more, The People’s Pint was called the best brewpub in Massachusetts by Yankee Magazine.

Speaking of Brick & Feather, one of the best little breweries in the state had some big news lately, which came as a surprise to many. With very little fanfare, the Turners Falls brewery announced it would offer up some of its takeaway beers in cans.

While some stalwarts still criticize breweries for using cans, there are so many benefits, like the absence of light, easy storage and packaging, and generally lower costs vs. glass.

Especially with canning units becoming more affordable and accessible, it makes so much sense for brewers large and small to at least explore this route, and consumers, for the most part, have been thrilled with this transition in the industry.

Have you gotten your tickets to The Worthy Brewfest? Advance sales for one of the premier beer pouring events and homebrew contest in Western Mass. have begun.


The Worthy takes place June 16, noon to 4 p.m., and only allows 1,000 people, so getting your tickets now is a good idea. You can purchase through Eventbrite here.

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